Process Servers - Franklin, TN

Your best decision to do your process serving is a private investigator. This makes sure your needs are not confined by county lines. If the individual is not at the given address we can locate them and serve them wherever they may be.


King & King can have anybody served for you, in the United Sates, with ease. We are a member of a national association of process servers. Our private investigators background and locate those hard to find individuals, video the service covertly, and

keep a log of attempts and info we find out in the field.


Rush and bulk assignments are gladly accepted! We cover almost every county in Middle Tennessee. Call us with all of your process serving needs.

Process Server Franklin TN We Offer A Discount For NAPPS!

We are affiliated with the following

process server associations:


National Association of Professional Process Servers




"When our tenants moved out, they left us with unpaid rent and several thousand dollars in damages to our property. When my husband and I decided to pursue them in small claims court, we hired KKDA to find and serve them. Although I did not have very much information to give him, Corey King was able to run background checks until their current address came up. Once it did, he drove to their house 7 times in one week until he was finally able to catch them at home and serve them. He was dedicated and professional, and he got the job done in a timely manner. He almost always answered his phone when I called, and when he couldn’t, he called me back within an hour or so. He always responded to text messages right away. Mr. King was very helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to answer any questions I had about the legal process, as well as bring to my attention other information that I would not have thought to ask about. If I have any future need for Private Investigator services, I will definitely use KKDA."


                                                                             The Landers, Chattanooga, TN

                                                                                                 November 3, 2015