Private Investigator Franklin, TN - Testimonials

“Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. For my clients, he has flown in airplanes for surveillance, slept in his car, had his life threatened, and been cussed at, despised, spit on and just about anything else.”


                                                        Douglas T. Bates IV, Attorney, Centerville, TN

                                                                                                           July 1, 2017



“King & King Detective Agency has never let me down. In a business that can easily exceed thousands of dollars in work, Corey can stay on budget and deliver results! Highly recommend!


                                              Connie Chadwick, Attorney, Thompson Station, TN

                                                                                                         July 15, 2017



“This firm is very professional and competent. I have used their services many times and have never been disappointed. They are reasonably priced and deliver excellent results. Very ethical and wonderful staff. I would highly recommend them.


                                                      Melanie Totty Cagle, Attorney, Centerville, TN

                                                                                                         July 19, 2017



"When our tenants moved out, they left us with unpaid rent and several thousand dollars in damages to our property. When my husband and I decided to pursue them in small claims court, we hired KKDA to find and serve them. Although I did not have very much information to give him, Corey King was able to run background checks until their current address came up. Once it did, he drove to their house 7 times in one week until he was finally able to catch them at home and serve them. He was dedicated and professional, and he got the job done in a timely manner. He almost always answered his phone when I called, and when he couldn’t, he called me back within an hour or so. He always responded to text messages right away. Mr. King was very helpful and knowledgeable, and was able to answer any questions I had about the legal process, as well as bring to my attention other information that I would not have thought to ask about. If I have any future need for Private Investigator services, I will definitely use KKDA."


                                                                              The Landers, Chattanooga, TN

                                                                                                 November 3, 2015



"Corey King and his firm are professional and provide excellent service to their clients. I highly recommend them for service of process and private investigation services."

                                                                   Lauren Moss, Attorney – Franklin, TN



"I am a general practice attorney, based in Hickman County, Tennessee, but with cases in about a six-county footprint. I have used Corey King and King & King Detective Agency in the past for all sorts of work, including private investigating and process serving.



I cannot endorse the Kings any clearer than this: we represented another process server in a pro bono manner. The appreciative former client offered us to do up to $750 free of process serving work. We used him one time, and ever since have preferred to pay for the Kings work instead. Both Mr. and Mrs. King have an unparalleled determination, efficiency, promptness, thoroughness, and competency that has become an imbedded part of our practice."


                                                     Douglas T. Bates IV, Attorney - Centerville, TN



"Thank you SO much for everything you did to make it possible for our sweet son to be forever home! There were definitely times in our difficult adoption journey where we feared it would never happen and he would end up stuck in the horrible situation he was born into. Thanks to our lawyer, your agency, and the prayers of many, he will be safe and loved with us forever!

Thank you for the multiple attempts you had to make in order to serve his birth mother when we needed her to come to court to verify the correct birth father after she gave us a different name than she had at the time she surrendered her rights. We can't thank you enough for all of your hard work and effort in tracking down his birth father in order for paternal rights to be terminated. I know he wasn't easy to find and it took a lot of work on your part since you had to track him down over several states. The financial strain of adoption is intense.  Thank you for your generosity in offering your services as a gift.  His adoption would not be final yet if it wasn't for you. We are forever grateful.  We appreciate the heart that your agency has in helping adoptive parents!"

                                                                  The Rogers Family - Centerville, TN


"My family and I really can't say enough about Corey King and King and King Detective Agency. Corey is incredibly professional and hard-working, and has always gone above and beyond what we ever would have expected. Corey is very thorough, efficient, and experienced. Not only did the results of his investigation far exceed our expectations, but beyond that - Corey always took the time to make sure we understood everything involved, to answer any questions that we had, and helped us in multiple areas throughout our litigation process. We truly believe we would never have had the positive results from our litigation that we've had if it wasn't for Corey and all the work he did on our case. Our lawyer has been practicing law for over 20 years and she said she has never met a private investigator as professional and well-prepared as Corey. Our litigation process has been one of the most difficult times we have walked through in our lives, and we are forever grateful to Corey and King and King Detective Agency for all they've done to protect our son and our family."


                                                                           The Bell Family - Smyrna, TN



"Mr. Corey King did a wonderful thing for this for this Mother. I had not heard from my daughter in a week. I called and ask him to go to the local hospital and check for her car, Mr.  King was kind enough to check and contact me back with information. I'm six hours away and Mr.  King, was very kind to do this free of charge. You can be sure if I or anyone I know needs assistance, Mr. King’s Agency will be contacted."


                                                                        The Hess Family - Bluff City, TN



"JJL Process has worked with King & King for over a year, and they have proven themselves to be one of our best contractors. They have served several hundred papers for us during that time, and have always completed their work promptly and efficiently. More importantly, their honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. They maintain a good rapport with the court staff in the seven counties they cover for us. We are completely satisfied with every aspect of their service."                       


                          David Payne, Manager, Director of Compliance  - Greenacres, FL



"I wanted to thank you for your amazing work on serving our file. This was one of the serves I never thought was going to ever be completed, I sent this to you and you handled it. I can definitely say I will never hesitate to send you any file I need served in your area. Thanks again for serving the un-servable!  King and King definitely knows how to get the job done!"


                                       Evelyn M. Daly - Litigation Administrator - Tacoma, WA


“Our office has used King and King Detective Agency, and as such Corey, as our process server and have found that not only is he extremely professional in his line of work but he is expeditious and courteous at the same time.”


                  Julie Cohen, Legal Assistant to Attorney Wooldridge – Victorville, CA

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent service that King & King Detective Agency has provided to our department since 2009. We are always kept up-to-date on the status of our assignments and informed immediately when there is a problem. I truly appreciate how King & King always goes above and beyond to facilitate difficult, last minute service for us. Your company’s willingness to go that extra mile has enabled us to establish permanency for children faster which is very important to us and the children and families we serve.”


       Jacquelyn Keenan, Department of Children’s Service Paralegal – Clinton, TN



"King & King Detective Agency has helped me locate fugitives and serve pertinent paperwork time and time again. They are very thorough and go above and beyond to make sure that their assigned tasks are completed in the most effective manner. I would highly recommend that you use them."


                                              Jamie Moulton, Bail Bondsman - Ashland City, TN

“Our firm, Progressive Private Process, used King & King Detective Agency for a rush Service of Process in September. 2010. King & King were very professional, polite, prompt and easy to deal with. The request for service was completed in a timely manner and the appropriate affidavits were returned to us right away. I would recommend King & King Detective Agency to any attorney or process service that needs work done in their area.”


                                                     Karen Billings, Process Server – Cordova, TN